5 Thanksgiving Questions With Chef Wolfgang Puck

There's only three weeks to Thanksgiving, and we got five minutes with chef Wolfgang Puck. As the holiday gets down to the wire, we sought out Puck's holiday plans and any tips he's got. We brought it all the way back from the event center at the Borgata Hotel and Casino just for you. The countdown's on!


The Daily Meal: What're you doing for the holiday this year?
Wolfgang Puck: I'm doing Thanksgiving in Bora Bora with my family this year.

What'll you eat?
Probably lobster and tuna.

Got any turkey tips for those of us who won't be dining on seafood?
I cook the turkey breast and the legs separately. I stuff the legs with stuffing and cook it slowly in the oven with carrot, onion, celery, a few garlic cloves, and red wine. Then, I roast the breast.

Any suggestions for side dishes?

I'm from Amsterdam, so we do braised cabbage sweet-and-sour style made with onions and brown sugar. We deglaze the pan and add vanilla, a stick of cinnamon, and orange juice, and we cook it with the cabbage for 45 minutes.

Second suggestion for a side dish?
Brussels sprouts. Cut the stems, and use a pan, a stick of butter, and sugar. Put the pieces cut-side down on the stove, and start to caramelize and cover it, this way the nutrients stay in. Don't soak them in water.

Bonus question: What's the secret to your success?
Mom always told me it was to make more money than you spend.