30 Crazy New York Cream Cheeses

Bacon Scallion - New York Bagel and Bialy, Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

You can never go wrong with the classic combo of scallion cream cheese on an everything bagel. But as all meat lovers know, bacon makes everything better, and this bacon scallion cream cheese does this trick.

Cherry - Daniel's Bagels

Although cherry doesn't stray far from strawberry and blueberry, not many bagel shops carry this flavored cream cheese. Stop by Daniel's Bagels for a taste of this sweet-yet-tart spread, made with real cherry chunks that will wow your taste buds. For the best flavor pairing, spread cherry cream cheese on a sesame or egg bagel.

Vanilla Walnut - New York Bagel and Bialy

If your sweet tooth is calling, load up this vanilla walnut spread on a cinnamon raisin bagel for a breakfast sandwich that takes like cake. To tone down the sweetness a bit, pair it with a sesame bagel.

Spinach Artichoke - The Bagel Store

America's favorite dip meets America's favorite carb. Toast an everything or onion bagel, slather on the spread, and enjoy.

Pumpkin - Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

This seasonal bagel spread is a Brooklyn Bagel fan favorite, even for those who aren't so fond of pumpkins. When the time comes, spread this cream cheese on a sesame bagel and officially find your new favorite cream cheese spread.

Goat Cheese - Russ & Daughters

Goat cheese fanatics can finally get their favorite cheese spread onto a hot, crusty bagel from Russ & Daughters. Ask for an everything bagel and top it with a few slices of freshly sliced smoked salmon for a well-balanced, flavorful sandwich.

Red Velvet - The Bagel Store

America's favorite cupcake is finally blended together in cream cheese form. Pair this flavored cream cheese with a sweet bagel, like The Bagel Store's heavenly French toast bagel, which complements the cream cheese's sweetness to a tee.

Jalapeño Asiago - Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

If you can handle the heat, this cream cheese is for you. Brooklyn Bagel's cheesy, spicy cream cheese spread has the perfect amount of flavor to pump up your average breakfast bagel. The small chunks of jalapeño in each bite add a unique kick to the savory cream cheese that will help you change up your standard breakfast routine. If you love lots of flavor, spread it on an everything bagel. To tone down the spiciness of the jalapeño, on the other hand, slather this spread on an egg bagel or poppy seed bagel.

Blue Cheese Parsley - Bagel Works

This flavorful spread has a sharp cheesy kick that is well balanced with the parsley and pairs perfectly with flavored savory bagels. Try it on Bagel Works' pumpernickel or rye bagel.

Toasted Onion - Bagels on the Square, New York Bagel and Bialy

Layer this spread onto a plain bagel or bialy and you've got yourself the inverse of an onion bagel with plain cream cheese. But this combo is even better. The taste of rich toasted onion in every bite packs so much flavor, you won't need need crazy flavored bagel.

Nutella - The Bagel Store

Spoonfuls of Nutella can lead to a taste bud overload, but mix it into a cream cheese and you have the perfect amount of hazelnut goodness. Slather this spread on a cinnamon raisin bagel or French toast bagel for a breakfast sandwich to remember.

Caviar - Russ & Daughters

Russ & Daughters has some of the best caviar in New York City, so it's no wonder that their caviar cream cheese is such a hit. Although the caviar is the main addition, it's also loaded with herbs and spices, giving it a ton of flavor. Spread some on a mildly flavored bagel like sesame, plain, or poppy seed to make the most of this unique caviar spread.

Chipotle - The Bagel Store, Bagel Express, Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

This spread has the perfect blend of spices that will pump up any savory bagel. Spread it on an onion or everything bagel for a whole mouthful of flavor.

Apple Cinnamon - Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, Ess-a-Bagels, Absolute Bagels

If last night's dessert didn't satisfy, then pair this sweet, flavorful cream cheese with a cinnamon raisin bagel and it will resemble a mouthwatering slice of apple cinnamon cheesecake. If you want to let the spread's flavors shine, slather it on a plain or whole-grain bagel.

Spanish and Kalamata Olive - The Bagel Store

Most bagel shops that carry olive spreads stick to one type of olive. But The Bagel Store combines the Greek black olive with a Spanish green olive to create a whirlwind of tangy cream cheesy flavor. This version of olive cream cheese goes best on an everything or whole-wheat everything bagel.

Fig - Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

It's not typical for figs to be mashed up and combined with cream cheese, but Brooklyn Bagel has made this combo work. Their cream cheese has chunks of real figs, and the flavoring is sweet but balanced. Slather this spread on a cinnamon raisin bagel for a mouthful of chewy fruits in every bite.

Cranberry Chipotle - Bagel Works

An unusual pair comes together for a legendary spread at Bagel Works. It's a unique melding of spicy, sweet, and tart, and tastes best on a mild-flavored bagel like sesame or plain or whole grain.

Blueberry Cheesecake - The Bagel Store

Not just blueberry cream cheese — blueberry cheesecake cream cheese. It's made with real blueberries and whipped into a sweet, creamy spread that will have you licking your fingers all day. The Bagel Store recommends spreading this cream cheese on a whole-wheat bagel or if available, cinnamon crunch.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Tompkins Square Bagels

This spread is a Tompkins customer favorite and puts the standard chocolate chip cream cheese to shame. Pile this sweet stuff onto a plain or chocolate chip bagel, and if you're craving that salty-sweet combo, spread it onto one of Tompkins' salt bagels.

Horseradish Dill - Russ & Daughters

This unique cream cheese has a strongly identifiable flavor, but it is mild enough to pair well with most savory bagels. Try Russ & Daughters' famous Super Heebster sandwich, which is a hand-rolled bagel topped with whitefish and baked salmon salad, horseradish dill cream cheese, and wasabi-infused flying fish roe.

Bacon Cheddar - Absolute Bagels, Bagels on the Square, Bagel Express, The Bagel Store

It's hard to find anything bad about an all-time favorite breakfast sandwich in cream cheese form. Stop by The Bagel Store to get the ultimate breakfast bagel by slathering this cream cheese on their bacon Cheddar egg bagel. If you'd rather stick to the classics, smear it on an everything bagel for a ton of flavor or let the cream cheese steal the stage on a plain bagel.

Wasabi - Tompkins Square Bagels

Wasabi doesn't make it onto many breakfast menus, but spread it on an everything bagel with a few slices of lox and you've got yourself a favorite new breakfast sandwich. But be forewarned: employees at Tompkins rank the spiciness level between seven and 10.

Cheddar - Ess-a-Bagels

Ess-a-Bagels offers a mild Cheddar cream cheese that jazzes up any of their already-delicious bagels. Try it on top of an onion or whole-wheat everything bagel.

Spinach Dill Tofu - Zucker's, Murray's Bagels

Lactose intolerant bagel lovers everywhere, rejoice! Zucker's and Murray's offer a flavorful, organic spinach dill tofu cream cheese that might just be tastier than some of its full-milk counterparts. Pair it with a whole-wheat everything bagel, or stay with the organic theme and spread it on an organic natural grain bagel.

Dutch Apple - Absolute Bagels, Bagels on the Square

This sweet cream cheese is your ticket to an apple pie-infused cheesecake sandwich for breakfast. The Dutch apple cream cheese has fruity chunks of apple and pairs nicely with a cinnamon raisin or whole-wheat bagel.

Flavors of the Week - Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

The last five wacky cream cheese flavors are stirred up at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, a bagel shop known for their outrageous bagels and spreads. They offer cream cheese flavors of the week that include:

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cream Cheese


Toasted Coconut

Bourbon Bacon


Flavors change weekly, so call ahead to see what these bagel artists have concocted. You never know what the creative masterminds at Brooklyn Bagel will come up with next.