All We Want For Valentine's Day Is This 22-Pound Bag Of Chocolate

California chocolate company Chocxo sold 22-pound bags of chocolate for a limited time only at select stores, and it is truly the only thing we want for Valentine's Day. The brand told us they originally pictured the bags (which contain 2,000 pieces of chocolate) as a business-to-business gift, but soon realized that people were purchasing the enormous $325 sack of chocolate for their own needs.

Although the gargantuan bags were a limited item at HomeGoods, Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls Canada stores, Reddit user Joycieejuice's parents apparently purchased their over-3-foot-tall bag at TJ Maxx only a day ago. That means the perfect gift for your Valentine may still be out there — if you can carry it to your car.

Although Chocxo made over 2 million pieces of chocolate for their giant bag project, they want customers to know that they make smaller options too. "Most of our product assortment is very normal-sized," said a Chocxo spokesperson. "Our products can be found in specialty retailers and grocers, including Gelson's in Southern California and Market of Choice in Oregon."

Although bigger is better (especially when it comes to chocolate), we would appreciate any sized bags or boxes of the stuff come February 14. Nothing is sweeter than being in love — and after all, chocolate just tastes better on Valentine's Day.