The 15 Weirdest Things Ever Found In Food

The 15 Weirdest Things Ever Found in Food

When we go out to eat at a restaurant or buy packaged food at a supermarket, we have a reasonable expectation that the only thing we'll find in our food will be, well, food. Sadly, though, that isn't always the case. Some poor, unfortunate souls have found some really off-putting stuff in their food over the past few years (including the unwitting consumers who had to get tested for rabies after finding a dead bat inside their prepackaged salad earlier this week), and we've tracked down the 15 most bizarre (and occasionally horrifying) examples.

A $20 Bill

In 2016, a Virginia man named Dave Cook bit into his McDonald's burger and found something unexpected between two patties: a $20 bill. He ended up keeping the money.

A Rare Pearl

A woman named Lindsay Hasz was enjoying dinner with her husband at a restaurant called Montalcino Ristorante in Issaquah, Washington last year when she nearly but into a small, hard object. It turned out to be a rare purple Quahog pearl, valued at about $600! She ended up turning it into a necklace.

Rat’s Head

In February 2016, a woman in Russia sliced into a loaf of bread she'd bought from her local bakery when she cut into the severed head of a dead rat. She vowed never to shop at that bakery again and admitted "I must tell you, it put me off my food."

A Snake Head

When a Utah woman named Troy Walker opened a can of green beans to use in a meal she was preparing for her elderly neighbors in February 2016, she discovered what looked like a burnt beam – until she picked it up and noticed that it had eyes. She took the can of Western Family green beans back to the market for a refund, and the company stopped distribution and began a thorough investigation.

A Black Widow Spider

While washing some grapes purchased at a Detroit Walmart in September 2015, Ariel Jackson was shocked when a poisonous black widow spider crawled out of them. She called 911 and killed the spider, and Wal-Mart launched an investigation.

A Frog

A Minnesota woman made a pasta dish with a box of Barilla tri-color penne, and when her husband accidentally knocked the half-empty box off the shelf, something surprising fell out: a petrified frog. Barilla sent her some coupons as an apology.

A Thumb

A woman and her son were enjoying ramen at a restaurant in Shizouka, Japan when she noticed something floating in her son's soup: a human thumb. It turns out that an employee had cut off a one centimeter chunk of her thumb while slicing pork and decided not to tell anyone.

A Bone

Last March, a New Jersey man named Tom Lukas was munching on some trail mix from Whole Foods when he but down on something unexpected: a bone. Experts concluded that it "most closely resembled a bone from the tarsal region of a small mammal," perhaps a large rat. Whole Foods denied the claim's validity, but vowed to investigate.

A Razor Blade

When a mom looked into her daughter's drink cup at a Keene, New Hampshire Wendy's in May 2016, she spotted something horrific on the bottom: a slimy, rusted razor blade. It's suspected that a member of the cleaning crew put the blade into a cup instead of throwing it away. Wendy's offered its sincere apologies.

A Bat

Earlier this week, two people found a dead, decomposing bat inside their prepackaged Fresh Express spring mix purchased from a Florida Walmart. Fresh Express has ordered a recall, so if you've purchased anything from them recently you might want to take a closer look at it.

A Baby Rat

In what is most likely a hoax, a French girl named Eloise Faux claimed to have found a dead baby rat inside a tea sandwich she was eating at New York's famed Plaza Hotel during high tea. Surveillance footage backed up the hotel's assertion that it was "unequivocally a meritless claim."


When a man named John Agnesini bit into a sandwich he'd purchased at a Queens, NY subway back in 2008, he noticed that it didn't taste quite right. Upon further inspection, he discovered that a serrated knife, plastic handle and all, had been baked right into the bread. He sued the chain for $1 million, but accepted an offer of $20,000.


A traveler named Joel Woloshuk was about to bite into a sandwich he'd purchased from a café at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in 2013 when he realized that what he thought was parmesan was moving. It turned out to be maggots. The café blamed the bread supplier, who denied all responsibility.

Chicken Head

Back in 2000, a woman bought a couple orders of McNuggets for her kids, and what she found was terrifying: a whole chicken head that had been battered and fried. While many people thought that it was just an urban legend, it's actually true.


In 2012, a 14 year old named Ryan Hart bit into his Arby's roast beef sandwich when he noticed something in his bite was "particularly rubbery." Turns out that it was a one inch slice of someone's finger! An employee cut her finger on a meat slicer, and like the ramen shop employee, didn't bother to tell anyone.