12 Completely Ridiculous Foods On A Stick

Eating food that's been impaled by a stick is nearly as old as eating itself. While there's no shortage of kebabs and other relatively tame foods served on sticks there days, an increasing number of absolutely insane creations have made their way onto sticks in recent years, and we've tracked down what very well might be the 12 craziest foods on a stick of all.

12 Completely Ridiculous Foods on a Stick (Slideshow)

When you think about it, there aren't many ways of eating that come more naturally that via a stick. Instead if picking up something with your hand, you just spear it, keeping your fingers clean. Sticks also make great cooking tools; if you've ever cooked a kebab on a grill I'm sure you know how much easier this technique is than trying to manage 20 little pieces of chicken.

Eating something on a stick is still relatively novel, so therefore it's usually a pretty fun experience no matter what's on it, be it a caramel-covered apple or chunks of grilled beef. It's in that spirit that creative folks across the country have concocted some truly outrageous foods to be eaten on a stick, usually served at parties and events like state fairs, which have come to be known for their wild and wacky foods.

So loosen your belt and prepare to enter a world where calories don't matter, and the ruling mantra is "the crazier, the better." When it comes to foods on a stick, the possibilities are endless, and it seems like when state fair season rolls around each year the offerings just keep getting wilder and wilder. Read on for 12 completely absurd and astonishing foods on a stick.

Additional reporting by Emily Kolars.