10 Foods We Wish Were S'mores-Flavored

Milk chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers are all fairly mundane, if tasty, treats. But when they're all melted together, something magical happens, and one of the all-time great culinary inventions emerges: s'mores. Here's our list of 10 foods that we wish were s'mores-flavored.


Over the years, Cheerios flavors have included chocolate, peanut butter, dulce de leche, honey nut, and ancient grains. You know what Cheerios taste a little bit like? Graham crackers. We know they've got chocolate down — get some marshmallow flavor in there!


Picture this: a stack of graham crackers, a pot of bubbling chocolate, and a pile of brûléed marshmallows. Why doesn't every restaurant have this on their dessert menu? 

Graham Crackers

Not pre-made s'mores; s'mores-flavored graham crackers, with little bits of chocolate and marshmallow already embedded in them. 


if we can get Willy Wonka involved, you might even be able to taste the graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow individually!

Jelly Beans

C'mon, Jelly Belly. We know you can do it!


A graham-flavored cookie with chocolate and marshmallow cream inside. Somebody get on this, please!


Stay with us here: You know those little pretzel nuggets filled with peanut butter? Replace the pretzel with crispy graham cracker, and replace the peanut butter with chocolate and marshmallow. Boom. 

Sauce/ Spread

Instead of Nutella or Marshmallow Fluff in a jar, there's no reason why we shouldn't already have s'mores in a jar. Spread it on toast, or even on graham crackers. 

S’mores Instant Hot Chocolate

Instant hot chocolate already has marshmallows in it. Can somebody please figure out how to get the flavor of a graham cracker in there too?

Whipped Cream

If you can make s'mores-flavored vodka, you can definitely make s'mores-flavored whipped cream