10 Breakfast Cereals That Have As Much Sugar As Candy

For decades, we've been told that cereal, be it sugar-free or sugar-coated, is a part of a "complete balanced breakfast." But take a second and think about this: Why would something that has nearly the same amount of sugar as a candy bar be considered a decent breakfast? We've crunched some numbers and have tracked down the 10 breakfast cereals that have the highest percentage of sugar. 

Froot Loops: 41.4 Percent Sugar

A 35-gram serving of Kellogg's Froot Loops contains 14.5 grams of sugar, the equivalent of 3.6 sugar packets.

Crunch Berries: 42.3 Percent Sugar

The first variation of Cap'n Crunch, introduced in 1967, contains 14.8 grams of sugar in a 35-gram serving. That's roughly 3.7 packets of sugar

Apple Jacks: 42.9 Percent Sugar

Originally dubbed Apple O's when released in 1965, 35 grams of Apple Jacks contains the equivalent of 3.8 packets of sugar, 15 grams. 

Smorz: 43.3 Percent Sugar

A 35-ounce serving of Kellogg's Smorz, introduced in 2003, contains 15.2 grams of sugar, nearly four sugar packets' worth.

Honey Graham Oh!s: 44.4 Percent Sugar

It's an apostrophe! It's an exclamation point! It's... got 15.6 grams of sugar in a 35-gram serving, the equivalent of almost four packets of sugar!

Cap’n Crunch: 44.4 Percent Sugar

Tied with Oh!s, Cap'n Crunch also contains 15.6 grams of sugar in a 35-gram serving, equivalent to 3.9 sugar packets.

Oops! All Berries: 46.9 Percent Sugar

Want all the berries? This circa-1997 cereal packs 16.4 grams of sugar into a 35-ounce serving, a little more than four sugar packets. 

Froot Loops Marshmallow Cereal: 48.3 Percent Sugar

When you take a sugary cereal and add marshmallows to it, it's only going to get more sugary. Case in point? Froot Loops Marshmallow cereal, which contains 16.9 grams of sugar in a 35-gram serving, about 4.2 sugar packets. 

Golden Crisp: 51.9 Percent Sugar

Called Sugar Crisp when it was first rolled out in 1949, Golden Crisp still has as much sugar as it always had: 18.1 grams in a 35-ounce serving, equal to 4.5 packets of sugar. 

Honey Smacks: 55.6 Percent Sugar

Here it is, the most sugar-dense cereal on the market today. Introduces as Sugar Smacks in 1953, then changed to Honey Smacks, then Smacks, then back to Honey Smacks, the cereal that made Dig 'Em famous is a whopping 55.6 percent sugar, and a 35-gram serving contains 19.4 grams of sugar, equal to nearly five packets or sugar or almost two Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts.