Eat Your Way Through Italy's Culture Week

Staff Writer
Besides the free museums and cultural attractions, we're looking for the food

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Ah, Italia: If there's one country that's filled to the top with la cultura, it's Italy. This week, Italians and tourists can experience the country's best Italian museums, archaelogical sites, and archives during the "XIV Settimana della Cultura," or the 14th Culture Week, running until April 22. What better way to take in culture than with food?

The best part: state-run institutions, like the Baths of Caracalla, Crypta Balbi, Palazzo Altemps, and Palazzo in Rome are free to tour. So save up your pennies that would have gone toward museum admission and spend it on food; the choices are endless.

Needless to say, food is practically a culture in itself in Italy — from Venice's Cantinone Storico to Tuscany's Ciao Laura’s Farm to Fork cooking class and Da Felice  in Rome, you can't go wrong. Check out our roundup of Venice, Rome, and Florence's best eats, plus home-cooking experiences across the country. Can't make it to Italy? Grab a glass of Italian red wine to soothe the pain.