Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME

A tasting menu of seasonal vegetables from a Noma alum in New York City
Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME
Jane Bruce

Red currants served in roasted onion cups.

It doesn't get much more impressive than having “co-founder of Noma” on your résumé. Executive chef at ACME, Mads Refslund, has that in his repertoire, as well as opening his own Michelin starred restaurant, MR, in Copenhagen. He also spent time working with the Nordic Gene Bank, a plant genetic resource center.

Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME (Slideshow)

Refslund came to the United States in 2012 to open ACME along with Jean-Marc Houmard and Huy Chi Le of Indochine, and Jon Neidich of The Boom Boom Room. At ACME, Refslund presents a menu of heavily Nordic influenced New American dishes. He uses hyper-seasonal ingredients in a simple fashion to let the freshness of the ingredients speak for itself. 

The best way to enjoy chef Refslund's vision is through his vegetable tasting menu. At $65 per person, he offers nine courses of uniquely presented vegetables, both raw and cooked. It starts with turnips and smoked cheese plated to resemble moss. This summer, you'll see corn, currants, cherries, carrot, asparagus, and many more seasonal ingredients spread throughout the meal. Click through our slideshow to see each course of the vegetable tasting menu.


The meal starts out with turnips served raw served with smoked cheese right on the plate.


Fresh watermelon lightly sprinkled with coarse sea salt is a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

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