Easy Ways To Not Overeat During The Holidays

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The end of the year has a way of kicking you in the butt when it comes to eating choices. And then, just like that, you find yourself in an eating frenzy of holiday goodies and loads of sugar... and this can last until next year. Then, you join a gym and hope that things will be different. You and the zillion other people all hoping for the same results. Do you want some good advice?

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Don't let yourself fall apart and then you don't have to worry about picking your junk-laden body up from the ground. But don't do this with deprivation. I can't tell you how many friends try shake diets and cleanses, looking for a quick fix. The problem? They are just that: short-term solutions. You know that you need to eat right and to supplement with exercise. But how? If you're looking for real answers, then go no further than Dr. Joel Fuhrman, chief medical officer, Eat Right America. I recommend Eat for Health.

Here's the deal. If you eat clean and healthy and include the right nutrients, you will feel satiated and not gain weight. But, if you load up with junk food, you will continue to feel hungry, crash hard when the sugar wears off, and gain weight. Here are some easy ways to prevent overeating during the holidays.

— Eva Glettner, Babble