Easy DIY Nutella

Nutella, the popular chocolate-flavored hazelnut butter, can be made at home in your food processor. Best of all, you can customize this Nutella recipe to suit your dietary needs or the ingredients you have on hand in your pantry. If you don't have hazelnut oil, try substituting vegetable oil. Or, for a unique and delicious twist, try making your Nutella with coconut oil. The chocolate chips the recipe calls for could be semi-sweet or milk chocolate — the key is to use ingredients that make it easy for you to make your Nutella.

You can also use this recipe to make other types of chocolate-flavored nut butters, but the taste will be different than Nutella; cashews or macadamia nuts would be delicious substitutes.

To make Nutella at home, start by toasting hazelnuts in the oven and removing their skins. Then grind them in the food processor with the other ingredients. Then, store your homemade Nutella in a sealed glass jar at room temperature.

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Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal's Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.