Easy Brunch Tip: DIY Oatmeal Bar

Provide healthier options for you and your guests

When hosting brunch, especially a booze-filled, weekend one, things can tend to get caloric. In honor of National Oatmeal Day, October 29, we’re here to offer oat-inspired suggestions for your next late morning or early afternoon gathering. 

Everyone has a certain way they take their oatmeal: some like it with water, some like it with milk, some like it wetter, and some like it thicker. 

To please all your guests, cook up steel-cut oats with both water and milk and create a bar with all of the right fixings: 

• Bananas
• Berry medley
• Cinnamon
• Brown Sugar
• Chocolate chips
• Granola
• Apples 

After your guests have created their ideal morning mix, add a drizzle of something sweet:
• Caramel
• Nutella
• Honey
• Agave
• Peanut Butter

Your guests will enjoy the healthy menu option and will appreciate it even more when they find they’re energized throughout the day.

Here’s another tip: use any leftover uncooked oats and fixings to create oatmeal bars to take with you on the go!

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