Dunkin' Donuts Adds Caramel Iced Coffee Flavors

For a limited time, there's more caramel-y caffeine at Dunkin' Donuts across the country

Dunkin' Donuts

It's finally spring, which means people are switching over to iced coffee for their daily caffeine fix. So naturally, Dunkin' Donuts has decided to launch three new flavors ("for a limited time nationwide") of iced coffee.

The new springtime flavors are caramel turtle, caramel almond, and caramel mocha. That's in addition to the blueberry, caramel, cinnamon, coconut, French vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, raspberry, and toasted almond flavors already available.

Of course, none of these are quite as innovative as their doughnut flavors; perhaps we'll have to go abroad for some truly crazy coffee flavors. Mango iced coffee, perhaps?