This Is The World's First Flat Wine Bottle

If you've ever wanted to stack your wine or store it like books on a shelf, you need to see the world's first flat wine bottle. Garçon Wines has made a full-size wine bottle that is thin like a flask and features a convenient screw-cap — no cork necessary.

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The U.K. brand designed its wine bottles this way so they could easily slip through a letterbox slot; wine delivery is big thing in Britain, but problems like missed deliveries and smashed or stolen bottles persist.

These bottles address all of those issues, and the design is so cool that it's now won an award. The Dow Chemical Company named the bottle a "Diamond Finalist" during its 2018 Awards for Packaging Innovation.

Garçon Wines supplies their bottles to other businesses who supply the wine to consumers. The brand is currently only available at a handful of retailers in the U.K., so we may have to wait a while before we get letterbox wine in the U.S.

Until then, you'll just have to keep drinking round bottles of wine. Good thing we can think of 20 reasons you should drink a glass of wine every day.