Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry Is Coming Soon

Ready to rush the season? Coca-Cola already can't wait for the winter holidays. Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry, a new limited-edition beverage, will be on shelves before the autumn leaves have even started to fall in earnest.

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Are you thinking you've sipped your way down this fizzy holiday road before? Close, but that was just Sprite Cranberry, which has been out for the last few years, and even became a meme thanks to its goofy Claymation ad campaign featuring basketball star LeBron James. This is a "winter spiced" version of Sprite Cran. Think of it as a more dressed-up variety, adding a little sass for the cold winter months ahead. No word on whether LeBron will be hawking this version.

While Coca-Cola didn't elaborate on what makes this drink spiced, we're imagining a nonalcoholic spiced rum element, which would seem to be ideal for holiday punches and mocktails (or for regular-strength cocktails, if you're of age). It's not quite like the Coca-Cola Signature Mixers that are available in the U.K., but we'll take it.

Coca-Cola confirmed that Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry will hit shelves nationwide on September 30. And it'll have a sibling newbie winter drink: The company is also releasing a jazzy Coca-Cola Cinnamon beverage for the holiday season. Creative flavors are nothing new in the world of soft drinks. (Don't miss our review of Coca-Cola's new orange vanilla variety.) Check out these intriguing things you didn't know about 15 of the most popular soda brands.