Does the World Needs a White Wine Emoji? This 15-Page Proposal Says Yes

There are like 7 different emojis for trains and only 1 for wine??

Kendall-Jackson Winery has submitted 15 pages to the Unicode Consortium on why the world needs a white wine emoji.

When words fail, emojis speak — especially when you’re showing off an after-hours adult beverage. You can caption your Instagram of a Sunday night cheese plate with an emoji glass of red wine or a sophisticated martini; you can Snapchat an after-work toast with two different beer emojis or a pair of clinking champagne flutes. Feeling fruity? There’s even a tropical drink emoji. But so far, there is no dedicated emoji to our go-to dinner companion, a glass of white wine. Kendall-Jackson Winery is attempting to change that.

In a 15-page proposal submitted to Unicode Consortium — the organization that decides what gets to be emojified and what does not — Kendall-Jackson Winery makes a passionate case for the necessity of a white wine emoji, arguing that the lack of one inhibits self-expression and leaves us with an emoji-lacuna for sharing our meals online. “Today, wine is ubiquitous worldwide and evokes strong personal and emotional connections and opinions. In its simplest form, it boils down to ‘are you a red or a white wine drinker?’” states the bid from the Santa Rosa, California, brand.

“If a person enjoys a meal of grilled steak and Cabernet Sauvignon, they may communicate it using the ‘cut of meat’ emoji and the current red wine glass emoji. However, if a person enjoys a meal of lobster and chardonnay (a delicious pairing!), they may use the lobster emoji but are required to use the current red wine emoji [...] The lack of a white wine glass emoji inhibits self-expression, from a suggested meal pairing to the preferred libation one may enjoy during warm weather.”

The brand created a website called in support of their cause, by asking fellow white wine lovers to use the hashtag “#WhiteWineEmoji” on their social media to show the Unicode Technical Committee just how many people want the white wine emoji to be a thing. If their recent Twitter poll asking whether there should be more wine emojis can tell us anything, it’s that 93 percent of their voters said there should be more. The 7 percent who voted no were clearly too wine-drunk to know what they were doing.

The brand has even calculated that, should the white wine emoji become available, it would become one of the most used emojis. “[T]he current wine glass emoji ranks 233 out of 2,666 total emojis,” the report explains. “Expanding the sequence to include a white wine glass will increase overall usage of this already popular emoji.”

There’s already a Chinese takeout box emoji and a fortune cookie emoji. We’d love to complete our Monday-night dinner Instagram story with several frosty-looking emoji glasses of white wine. After all, Kendall-Jackson may have thought of 15 pages of reasons why the world needs a white wine emoji, but we’ve thought of 20 reasons why you should drink a glass of wine every day.