What to Drink Every Week of the Year: 52 Wines for 2016

Hand-picked wines for each week of the year
52 Wines for 2016

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the best wines for 2016. Check out the complete list in the Drink and World of Wine section.

The Daily Meal’s official list of wines to try in 2016. 

For many people, the New Year represents a new beginning. That could mean a different diet, a new hobby, or a change in your morning routine. For others, the turning of the calendar page means a whole new 12 months’ worth of wines to try.

What to Drink Every Week of the Year: 52 Wines for 2016 (Slideshow)

Here at the Daily Meal, we’re serious about our wine, so creating a weekly calendar of wine for the third year in a row is a task we were more than willing to take on.  (You'll note that our recommendations start in early  January; we wanted to give you a full catalogue of wines for 2016, and though the month is almost gone, the wines are still around.)

To compile our list, we asked our best sources — wine experts, authors, and contributors — to weigh in on wines they felt were worthy of this year’s line-up.

The list you are about to read is the web-based equivalent of your own personal sommelier, directing you through 52 weeks of tastings. This year’s list includes wines from producers all over the world, from 2013 Stony Hill Napa Valley Chardonnay from California to White Knight Prosecco from Italywith wines from Texas and Michigan making appearances as well.

This list includes wines in a wide range of prices, too. While there are inevitably some special bottles that only true connoisseurs will want to spend the money on, there are also wines on the list that won’t break the bank — ones that cost less than $20 a bottle. In short, there’s a wine here for everyone.


Editorial Note: Wine prices may vary.