wawa craft coffee beer 2SP

Georgesheldon | Dreamstime.com

Wawa to Sell Limited Edition Coffee Beer in 2SP Partnership

1,050 cases will be for sale — but only in Pennsylvania
wawa craft coffee beer 2SP

Georgesheldon | Dreamstime.com

Attention, craft beer lovers: Convenience store chain Wawa is introducing a limited edition coffee beer in partnership with Pennsylvania’s 2SP Brewing Company, reports Philadelphia's NBC 10. The seasonally appropriate Winter Reserve Coffee Stout is made with Wawa’s limited-edition Winter Blend Coffee and has flavors of sweet clove, dark chocolate and graham crackers.

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However, this Wawa craft beer won’t be sold everywhere — you can only get it in parts of Pennsylvania (sorry, Jersey!). The craft beer will be available at a Firkin Tapping event on December 6 at the Wawa on Naamans Creek Road in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the only Wawa in the state that sells beer. At the event, 50 cases will be for sale on a first come, first serve basis, with a maximum of two four-packs per person, the NBC station reported.

According to PA Eats, another 1,000 cases will be sold the week of December 10 through distributor Origlio Beverage at bars and bottle shops in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

Calling their collaboration with Wawa “a truly special experience,” Michael Contreras, director of sales and marketing for 2SP Brewing Company, told PA Eats, “No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, Wawa brings together people from all walks [of life] and has achieved something of a mythical status because of the variety and quality it offers. In some small way, we try to do the same with our beers.”

While coffee beer isn’t a new concept, Matt Simpson, owner of consultancy The Beer Sommelier, told The Daily Meal this brew has the potential to sell well. “The quality of the product will be dependent on the brewery that’s producing it,” said Simpson. “These are styles that are popular and sought after by the demographic that drinks craft beer. Dark beers have elements of coffee notes to begin with. It’s a great symbiosis of flavors and aromas.”

Bryan Carey, writer of beer blog Great Beer Now, told The Daily Meal there are unique elements to the Wawa and 2SP coffee beer offering. “Harpoon and Dunkin recently released a coffee porter, and breweries such as Rogue Ales and Shiner have each released beer made with cold brew coffee,” Carey said. “The partnership between Wawa and 2SP Brewing, however, is one of the few that steeps the beer using actual coffee. Other coffee beers are usually brewed using coffee beans.”

Carey elaborated on the appeal. “[It’s] one of a small number of coffee beers that combines the smooth silkiness of oatmeal stout with high-quality coffee. [This] makes perfect sense, not just from a business perspective, but also because coffee and dark beers like stouts and porters already share many common, compatible flavor characteristics.”


If you’re lucky enough to live in the areas where this coffee beer is being sold and aren’t up for making your own coffee stout cocktail, it’s worth checking out this beer while it lasts. After all, science has shown that drinking beer is good for your health.