‘The Walking Dead’ Come Alive With the Living Wine Labels App

Zombies come to life on the interactive wine labels

Some wines are complemented by good cheeses, meats, pastas, and pastries, while others pair better with a more ghoulish accompaniment: zombies. The Last Wine Company, a brand of Treasury Wine Estates in Napa Valley, California, has unveiled two new The Walking Dead wines that come alive at the point of a smartphone camera.

All you have to do is download a free app called “Living Wine Labels” — an augmented reality platform that grants the dead the ability to rise. The app was previously known as “19 Crimes” and worked exclusively with labels from the 19 Crimes brand, which feature portraits of infamous convicts in a nod to Australia’s history as a penal colony.

As of February 2018, the renamed app will interact with these Walking Dead labels, as well as with select Beringer Bros., Chateau St. Jean, and Gentleman’s Collection wines.

First up for The Walking Dead variety is a “Blood Red Blend,” whose label features the popular character Rick Grimes in a standoff with bloodthirsty zombies. When the app is launched and pointed at the bottle, the sheriff fights them off.

walking dead wine

Courtesy of Treasury Wine Estates

The second wine in the series is simply titled “Cabernet Sauvignon.” Its graphic shows a slew of the undead, and the interactive app shows one breaking out of the label and smashes into the phone screen.

walking dead wine

Courtesy of Treasury Wine Estates

Pointing the app at both labels side-by-side triggers the characters to fight one another.

Corks are collectible and feature an assortment of symbols including barbed wire, a walker hand, and an undead head.

Zombie fans can download the Living Wine Labels app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, and both California wines are available across the United States for $18.99 each.

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