TGI Fridays Is Adding Activated Charcoal To Long Island Iced Tea For Black Friday

TGI Fridays is giving us a reason to keep celebrating post-Thanksgiving. Beginning Friday, November 24 — aka Black Friday — and through Sunday, November 26, guests can order a traditional Long Island iced tea with a twist! Dubbed "The Black Friday," the white rum, vodka, gin, and triple sec mix is swirled with activated charcoal to give it a jet-black color in honor of the shopping holiday.

Although the drink will look different, the activated charcoal will be infused in TGI Fridays' original sweet and sour mix, preserving the same Long Island iced tea taste you know and love. Even better, the festive beverage will be just $5 at participating restaurants nationwide.

The holiday season fun doesn't stop there. If you've ventured into a TGI Fridays, you may have noticed that the chain has released new extreme milkshakes topped with a bevy of candies and desserts that rival the shakes at Black Tap. They come in flavors like Toasted S'mores and the festively named Stocking Stuffer, which includes holiday cookies, holiday Peeps, and a candy cane. Both shakes can be made boozy with Smirnoff Vanilla!

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Chefs and mixologists have used activated charcoal to turn nearly everything black over the past year, from ice cream to, regrettably, fish and chips. If you want to get really creative with your Black Friday fare at home, read about the 10 best and worst ways to use activated charcoal.