This Black Ice Cream Will Cure Your Hangover

Scratch Restaurant in California makes an inky-black ice cream made with activated charcoal that is supposed to ease digestion

It may look weird, but your stomach pains and pangs will go away after downing this cone.

We can handle all of the pastel and rainbow-colored desserts that Instagram users and trendy cafes have to offer, but what about ice cream that’s darker than midnight? Scratch Restaurants in Encino, California have created an ice cream cone made with coconut milk, homemade sprinkles, and activated charcoal, the latter of which gives the dessert its distinctive black color.

The dessert is served at the end of Scratch’s tasting menu, and it’s perfect for an end-of-the-meal digestif or as a hangover cure, owner Margarita Kallas-Lee told Vice’s Munchies.

"Whenever I was feeling ill or she wanted me to detox, [my grandmother] always gave me charcoal," Kallas-Lee said. "It creates this beautiful color and it also is unbelievable for you to have after dinner."


The colorful sprinkles on top of the small ice cream cone are actually handmade from turmeric and spirulina, which give the sweet toppings their bright green and yellow colors.