Starbucks’ New ‘Coffee Blends’ Pair With Your Favorite Breakfast Foods

All 3 are available now
starbucks pairings
Courtesy of Starbucks

Food and beverage pairing typically involves wine or beer, but Starbucks is bringing a new combo to the table that will wake you up instead of wind you down. The chain’s latest at-home innovation is called Starbucks Pairings, a line of three coffee blends carefully crafted to complement your favorite breakfast foods.

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The first variety is called the Sweet Mornings Blend, which is best when enjoyed with pastries, yogurt and cereal. It has notes of dusted cocoa and dried fruit. The Savory Mornings Blend promises a smooth mouthfeel with hints of fresh herbs to enhance omelets, bacon and avocado toast. The Dessert Blend features candied ginger and orange zest flavors, and was created to pair with chocolate, cheesecake, fruit pies and other treats. While these coffees may have subtle notes of these flavors (like wine does), it appears no flavorings have actually been added to the coffee itself.


All three coffees have a medium roast and are available for $9.99 in K-Cups and ground coffee via Amazon and other retailers nationwide, perhaps even at the best grocery store in your state.