Starbucks Debuts 'Cloud Macchiato' With Meringue-Like Cold Foam

If you like sweet drinks, Starbucks' new espresso beverage will have you on cloud nine. The chain has just premiered the Cloud Macchiato, and it's essentially dessert in a cup with a caffeine kick. But unlike diet-sabotaging Frappuccinos, the calorie count in this drink won't spook you.

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Like a traditional iced macchiato, it starts with espresso shots over ice. The amount depends on the size, but there are two to a grande. Anyway, this guy gets finished with "a cloud" of cold milk foam and a generous drizzle of caramel. It's currently available in two flavors — caramel and cinnamon — and can be ordered iced or hot.

Thanks to our friends over at Starbucks, The Daily Meal was able to taste-test both flavors before their official launch on March 5. The biggest appeal for these drinks is the cold foam, which first debuted in stores last May. It has an almost meringue-like texture, and the cinnamon macchiato has lemon in it so it's basically liquid pie, right? It's silky and smooth and a great sensory experience all around.

Also, it's Ariana Grande-approved, so there's that. The "Thank U, Next" singer teased the drink on her Twitter with dreamy emojis, which she uses often in her posts on social media. This one includes clouds, coffee, more clouds and a black heart with the Cloud Macchiato launch date, "3/5."

Side note: You can ask for non-dairy milks as a substitute for cold foam, and if you get coconut milk, it tastes really fruity, but more like lemon and not coconut. Lemon and cinnamon pair really well with espresso, too. The more you know! Cold foam does have egg whites in it, though, so beware if you have an allergy.

It's probably important noting that these drinks are sweeter than your average espresso beverage. If that's something that you're looking for, then this could very well be the drink for you. If you prefer to drink coffee straight up with no extra fluff — or clouds, in this case — you may be overwhelmed by the generous serving of cold foam. Regardless, it's a great alternative to Frappuccinos, considering a grande Cloud Macchiato has just 190 calories in each flavor. A grande Java Chip Frappuccino has 470.

If you're interested in the concept but aren't sold on the liberal topping, Cold Brew with Cascara Cold Foam is returning to stores, and that drink has the perfect amount of mildly sweetened fluff topping a cup mostly filled with cold brew. So you can still get your fix without feeling like you're taking a tub of Cool Whip to the face. Matcha Green Tea is also back at Starbucks, and guests can order it iced, hot or as a Frappuccino. Looking for something a little crazier? Try your hand at these Starbucks secret menu items.