Taylor Rock

We Tried Starbucks’ Christmas Tree Frappuccino, and Here’s How It Tastes

It might just be Starbucks’ best holiday drink to date
Taylor Rock

Our cook editor Daisy looks longingly at the Christmas Tree Frappuccino!

On December 7, Starbucks dropped its latest limited-edition holiday beverage: the Christmas Tree Frappuccino. The festive blended drink is built with the Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino topped with a matcha whipped cream tree, caramel drizzle garland, candied cranberry ornaments, and a strawberry tree-topper.

Seeing as it’s only available through December 11, The Daily Meal made it a mission to snag not one but four Christmas Tree Frappuccinos to perform an informal taste-test. Long story short: The drink was a crowd favorite with our team, and some of us even think this could be Starbucks’ best seasonal offering yet.

“The much anticipated Christmas Frap: The ice-cream version of a slushy if you ask me. In fact, while I spooned the chocolate and green tower into my face, I felt a little nostalgic for popcorn, a rom-com, and perhaps an odd chair kick,” one editor reviewed. “Apart from the off-putting artificial layer of green muck (which I thought would be reminiscent of my all-time favorite Starbucks drink the Peppermint Mocha — not at all), this was not necessarily a life-changing taste experience. I’m also slightly confused about what time of day this dessert (drink) is appropriate.”


Taylor Rock

Christmas Tree Frappuccinos in front of lovely Christmas decorations at The Holiday Inn!

While our taster didn’t quite enjoy the matcha whipped cream, everyone else agreed the topping was the best part (minus the single freeze-dried strawberry). We were tempted to request that the baristas fill each Grande cup solely with whipped cream, caramel, and candied cranberries.


Taylor Rock

On my way to steal your Frap.

Overall, we give this drink a 7.5 out of 10. For more innovative items from the Seattle-based coffee chain from Purple Yam Cheesecake to Dragon Dumplings, here are 16 Starbucks food items you won’t find in the U.S.

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