Shoot These Juices to Keep the Doctor Away

Take one of these juice shots to delay a doctor’s visit because no one likes being sick

Here’s a no-nonsense Immune System Booster to help maintain a spotless bill of health, full of vitamin C and other cold fighting superheroes.

Many of us are game for shots at the bar, but what about juice shots every now and then? Juice shots are a fast, surefire way to get your day started on the right track, plus they’re a great alternative to a caffeine fix. They are even better pick-me-ups for the midday slump. We’re all familiar with apple and orange juice, but have you considered bitter cherry, or even carrot juices to keep the doctor away? We recommend pure lemon juice as a great detox or cold-fighting aid. Perhaps, take a swig of pure cherry juice as a post-workout refresher, as it’s loaded with potassium, great food for muscles. And of course, energy-boosting pomegranate juice is an ideal healthy go-to right before your morning commute. There are numerous health juices to take in shot from, so we’ve found some out-of-the-box selections to taste as you give your body the jolt it needs.

Acai for the Healthy Heart

Acai berries are not only cute and delicious, they are fantastic for our bodies, too. One berry contains 10 times more antioxidants than grapes and twice as much a blueberries. These powerful purple berries do wonders for skin, heart health, blood flow, and they can help boost energy. As if that wasn’t enough, they even improve mental function (good to know if you have a case of the Mondays).

Immune System-Booster Juice

Here’s a no-nonsense daily juice to help maintain a spotless bill of health. With ingredients such as broccoli (which is high in vitamin C), beets to boost your immunity, and garlic to help combat colds, you’ll be equipped for the day ahead.

Click here for the Immune System Booster juice recipe.

Turmeric and Cherry

Turmeric is pretty much a super spice, used to treat and prevent many issues. This golden-yellow root is great in smoothies and mini shots, like this one where it’s paired with  cherry juice. The anti-inflammatory compounds found in the spice are great for those who suffer from arthritis as it can ease joint pain. When making the juice, opt for fresh, tart, bitter cherries for maximum benefits.

Click here for the Turmeric and Cherry juice recipe.