This Sangria Recipe Will Make Your Friends Think You're Spanish

Summer is the best time of the year for so many reasons. The weather is warm, the pool is open, you can get your tan on, and day drinking is just another way to pass the time.

On a beautiful summer weekend, brunch is a great way to meet with friends, enjoy a nice meal, and drink your day away. A mimosa or a spicy bloody mary is a nice place to start, but nothing can compare to a classic sangria.

Even if you have the perfect bloody mary recipe, this cocktail is an acquired taste. Mimosas are delicious as well, but they tend to have a feminine reputation.

Sangria, on the other hand, is a cocktail for everyone — it's sweet, refreshing, versatile, and tasty. The added fruit in sangria makes it a replenishing choice, and the wide range of wines and mixers that you can use gives you endless opportunities to drink up!

No matter what mood you're in, for a classic summer cocktail, the sangria is at the top of our list.

Looking for the proper ingredients to make the ultimate sangria and end the summer with the bang? We have a recipe that will make your friends think you're Spanish.

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