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The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea Launches New Iced Tea Flavors

You'll never go back to plain ol' black tea ever again!

The Republic of Tea has launched three innovative flavors, perfect for your next pitcher of cool, iced tea! Say hello to organic matcha coconut water iced tea, as well as the mango and pineapple coconut water iced tea flavors! Also fabulous are the classic favorites, organic strawberry basil green iced tea, and the Sonoma Chardonnay iced tea.

Organic Matcha Coconut Water Iced Tea
Jump on the matcha craze with this matcha coconut water iced tea. Green tea leaves give this blend some earthy, grassy flavors which pair fabulously with the refreshing notes of organic coconut water. Stay energized and hydrated with this combo!

Organic Strawberry Basil Green Iced Tea
This organic, farmers' market-inspired iced green tea brings together ripe strawberries and fresh basil. Basil gives this beverage a herbal accent, while natural sweetness comes from the berries. Stay chill and classy with this summer sip.

Sonoma Chardonnay Iced Tea
Pretend you’re spending the day at the vineyards while indulging in this unique tea. This blend has a base of Sonoma Chardonnay fine wine grape skins infused with tropical pineapple and sweet peach notes. Imagine drinking a glass (or two) of wine country bliss, without the travel time, hang-over threat, or fuss.

We spoke to Kristina Richens, Minister of Commerce at The Republic of Tea, about how to make the perfect summertime iced tea. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Use fresh filtered water
  • Freeze tea into ice cubes and popsicles
  • Add herbs, like mint or thyme to your pitcher
  • Add fruit or berries or honey and lemon
  • Add frozen fruit to liven a pitcher of iced tea and keep it cold
  • Add milk to make an iced tea into a creamier, refreshing beverage

Making iced tea is simple:

  1. For perfectly measured quart sized pouches
    Fill a kettle with a quart of fresh water and heat to a rolling boil. Place one tea pouch in a heat-safe pitcher and pour in the hot water. Steep for five- seven minutes and remove pouch. Let cool and serve over ice. After steeping, add the used pouches to compost or soil to make your gardens happy.
  2. For round, unbleached all-natural teabags
    Steep double strength (two tea bags in six oz. of hot water) (for recommended steep time see the below,) let cool and pour over ice.  Enjoy!

For white and green teas, you want the water to be just short of boiling before you steep the tea. For white tea bags, steep for 30-60 seconds; for green tea bags, steep for one-three minutes. 

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