Iced Tea Anytime

Iced Tea Anytime

Tea has already been poised as the "it" drink of 2014, and though hot tea may seem like the obvious choice during these colder months, iced tea is a great option for healthy hydration year-round. Plus, thanks to a brand called Takeya, crafting delicious iced tea at home just got easier.

Takeya is reinventing iced tea with a proprietary Iced Tea System that enables anyone to easily make handcrafted, artisan iced tea beverages in just minutes. What makes this system so unique? The Iced Tea Maker employs patented Flash Chill technology, which revolutionizes what was once a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Using the Iced Tea Maker, coupled with Takeya's loose leaf T-PACs, you can now create delicious iced tea in a flash - pun intended! Plus, each T-PAC comes pre-measured and foil-sealed to ensure consistent flavor and a perfect pitcher of iced tea every time.

To use the system, simply pour your favorite Takeya loose leaf Iced Tea T-PAC into the infuser attachment, fill the Iced Tea Maker halfway with hot water to steep, then top off with ice and shake for 30 seconds.  You can even reference the packaging for each T-PAC for detailed brewing instructions, including recommended steep time.

Takeya's Iced Tea Maker comes in four vibrant colors, suitable for any kitchen color scheme. In addition, Takeya offers six proprietary blends of teas, including variations of the popular black and green teas. For additional information, or to purchase a pitcher for yourself, visit

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