This Red Wine Stain Remover Really Works

As a wine writer, I probably have half a dozen methods for removing red wine stains from various fabrics — but none of them, not one, can match Chateau Spill, a red wine stain remover that sells for $8.99 per 120 milliliter bottle. It is simply amazing.

A 100-percent biodegradable surfactant with no peroxide, bleach, or phosphates, it worked on every color-fast fabric I tested it on, including linen, wool, silk, and cotton.  Not only did new stains disappear, but I found that with patience and persistence I was able to remove some older stains as well. Astonishing.

This holiday season, protect your grandmother's beautiful tablecloth from overenthusiastic swirlers and treat yourself to a headache-free meal. Oh, and the company is also introducing individual towelettes soaked with this stuff to salvage your shirt, dress, or blouse on the go. Genius.

I love this product so much that I plan to use the adorable wine-bottle-like spray bottles (available from and other online sources) as stocking stuffers.