Pepsi Launches Cake-Flavored 'Christmas Cola' In Japan

Pepsi has plans to launch a seasonal cake-flavored cola in Japan on November 21. Named "Christmas Cola," the beverage is meant to taste like one of the Christmas cakes traditionally served in Japan to celebrate the holiday.

The beverage will evoke the taste of a Yuletide sponge cake covered with whipped cream and filled with strawberries. Asian internet culture website Kotaku helpfully translated the Pepsi Japan press release, which explains the beverage's flavor: "There's a sweet and tart strawberry aroma in a white cola, evoking the creamy holiday sweets."

Keeping in theme with the holiday, the Christmas Cola bottle will be decorated with snowflakes, wreaths, bows, and Santa hats. Looks like Starbucks and McDonald's aren't the only ones with holiday-cheer packaging. Christmas Cola is just one of the many festive holiday drinks we'd like to try this season. Anyone up for a quick jaunt to Japan?