Peeps Beer Is Here for Easter, Thanks to Texas Brewery

The beer will be glittery and purple, like a Peep

Adding Peeps to a sour gose doesn't do much for the flavor, but it sure is fun.

First, there was the Peepza — now there’s a Peeps beer. Just in time for Easter 2018, Texas brewery The Collective Brewing Project is making a special, glittery purple brew inspired by (and made with) these lovable sugar-coated marshmallows.

In a collaboration with local retailer Lonestar Taps & Caps, The Collective Brewing Project is making Peep This Collab, a Peeps twist on their flagship sour ale, Petite Golden Sour. The beer was conceived, well, because the brewery wanted to have a little bit of fun. And Peeps are fun.

Peeps Beer The Collective Brewing Project

Dave Riddile/The Collective Brewing Project

The Peeps go for a swim as the beer brews.

But what does brewing a beer with Peeps do to the final product? Well, according to The Collective Brewing Project’s Dave Riddile, not a whole heck of a lot. “The Peeps won't have a big impact on the flavor of the finished product, besides that they will provide a little more fermentable sugar for the yeast to work with,” he told The Daily Meal via email. But beer drinkers in Fort Worth can still expect a light, marshmallow flavor perfect for spring.

“We're expecting it to be lemony with a sweet marshmallow-y flavor, along with a creamy mouthfeel from the lactose sugar,” Riddile said. “We will also be adding butterfly pea flower to dye the beer a deep purple along with edible glitter for sparkle so that the finished product will resemble a Peep.”

Peep This Collab is expected to be released late next week right before the holiday. And while this beer may seem like the craziest way to consume this festive treat, it isn’t. But we bet you didn’t know that…