NPR Launches ‘NPR Wine Club’ in Support of Public Radio

Pour yourself an Ira Glass

NPR is launching an “NPR Wine Club” for its listeners so that they can enjoy wines from around the world while listening to their favorite stories and supporting public radio. National Public Radio will be collaborating with licensed wineries, retailers, Direct Wines, and Wines That Rock to bring wines from as far as New Zealand and as nearby as California to club members.

Club members receive their own fully-customized case of wine every three months. Each quarter, members will be sent a curated selection of 12 wines complete with their stories and notes about the selections. Customers can also browse NPR’s Wine Club collection online and purchase bottles in any desired quantity at any time. A portion of the proceeds from any purchase will go towards funding National Public Radio.

Their introductory offer will include the foundational releases of three NPR-inspired wines, all with program-reminiscent names, like All Grapes Considered Malbec, Weekend Edition Cabernet Sauvignon, and NPR Uncorked Merlot.


In a press release for the wine club, NPR’s director of consumer products and e-commerce, Barbara Sopato, said, "For over 47 years, NPR has created countless driveway moments thanks to its compelling reporting and engaging programming, We're looking forward to engaging our supporters and their palates as we discover new wines and the stories behind them."

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