Public Radio Program ‘The Splendid Table’ Gets a New Host

Rossetto Kasper announces that she is retiring, to be replaced by Times Magazine columnist Francis Lam

‘The Splendid Table’ has been delighting listeners with food stories for 21 years.

The Splendid Table has been one of the most successful radio programs about food in on-air history. The show’s illustrious host, Rossetto Kasper, has announced that she will be retiring after years of leading the “radio show for people who love to eat.” She will be replaced by the James Beard Award-winning Francis Lam, a former New York Times Magazine columnist.

Lam has been a regular contributor to the program for seven years, and he will start his new role March 10.

"No one can ever fill [Rossetto Kasper's] shoes, but I hope to build on the wonderful foundation she has laid for the show and continue the conversation," Lam said in a statement.

You can hear some of Lam’s contributions to the show here.


The Splendid Table airs on more than 400 public radio stations nationwide, including NPR.