North Korean Brewery Claims New Ale is ‘Better Than Existing Beers’

Unfortunately, we will most likely never be able to try it for ourselves

A North Korean brewery is claiming to have made beer that tastes and smells better than other North Korean beers. Taedonggang brewery revealed to North Korean newspaper Rodong Sunmun that the new ale it has been developing since 2015 is complete and has received positive reviews from the beer drinkers of North Korea.

Taedonggang told the newspaper that this new beer, made with wheat instead of barley, is “better than existing beers in terms of its taste and smell.” The name of this better tasting beer has not been released to the public. The paper cites leader Kim Jong-un as the inspiration for the new brew after his comments made in Seoul’s Chosun IIbo tabloid saying South Korean beers lacked taste.

“Under the leadership of the party organization, factory engineers have been striving to develop a new wheat beer with the goal of contributing to making life more enjoyable and enjoyable for people by developing the popular wheat beer around the world,” a spokesperson for Taedonggang told Rodong Sunmun.

The spokesperson also mentioned, “the popularity of new soft drinks is great, and consumers are delighted that the taste of wheat beer is sweet and abundant, as well as a unique fragrance and better foaming properties.”

The Daily Meal told you that Kim Jong Un loves to pair his alcoholic beverages with meat-covered pizzas, sushi, and Emmentaler cheese. But do you know what his frenemy Donald Trump likes to eat?

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