New York's NoMo Offers Boutique Accommodations, Dining, And Mixology

First there were artists taking advantage of the bright airy lofts, then came the high-fashion boutiques, making SoHo the epitome of cool and chic. NoMo Kitchen is no exception. Located at the intersection of art, music, culture, and fashion at 9 Crosby St., it marries nostalgic American cuisine with the modern inspiration found in SoHo neighborhood.

The cozy restaurant is located within the NoMo SoHo Hotel, which offers 263 luxurious accommodations. The rooms include 10-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and beds made with 300-thread-count sheets and down comforters. For even more comfort, guests enjoy free WiFi, HD televisions, minibars, gorgeous panoramic views, and jeweled showers.

Mixology is a focus at NoMo as well. NYC cocktail expert Xavier Herit has crafted two unique cocktails for winter: the Calvados-based Braeburn and the Dude, a twist on the Big Lebowski-popularized White Russian.

"The Braeburn is a take on a hot butter rum cocktail," Herit said. "It is a hot drink highlighting calvados from France, Aval apple cider, cinnamon syrup, and sweet Xemines from Spain. Pumpkin spice butter is added on top of the cocktail, which gives a buttery pumpkin spice flavor and combines well with the calvados. The apple, cinnamon, and lemon juice is sweet with a buttery flavor at the end. This drink is delicious when its cold outside."

If you have one too many Braeburns, Herit designed another drink with coffee, perfect for the morning after.

"I use Stumptown coffee brew, egg, heavy cream, and cognac, which combines very well together," Herit explained. "The idea was to add the coffee and cream to the cognac and port, which gives body to the drink with a light froth that comes in a bottle and is really pleasant to drink."

NoMo SoHo has most everything you can ask for in accommodations, dining, and sipping on your next visit to New York City. Enjoy!