Mountain Dew Creating Upper Peninsula Label After Messing Up Michigan Map

Michigan's picturesque Upper Peninsula is a tourist treasure and a summer vacation favorite. But one thing it's not? Part of Wisconsin. So when Mountain Dew mistakenly labeled the U.P. as part of the Badger State, you can bet the company had to scramble to make up for the goof.

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It all started when Mountain Dew made a U.S. map it dubbed the "DEWnited States," with different crazy MTN Dew-themed colors and patterns for each state. Yet on the map, the lower part of Michigan is colored red, while the U.P. has the same green-and-white zig-zag pattern as neighboring Wisconsin. Admittedly, the Upper Peninsula wasn't the only misplaced piece of geography in the DEWnited States of America. New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware seemed to be lumped together, for instance, and South Dakota is surprisingly irregular. But Michigan was not having this nonsense.

The humorous Twitter account @UpperPeninsula called Mountain Dew out on the geographical goof. "Dear Mountain Dew, I AM NOT WISCONSIN," the tweet read. "Fix this, or send a free case to all my residents. Your call. Sincerely, America's Peninsula."

The tweet quickly picked up speed, with even the Wisconsin Department of Tourism getting in on the fun by tweeting, "New state lines, who dis?"

The Upper Peninsula account urged the soda brand to produce a special Upper Peninsula edition to make up for the gaffe.

Mountain Dew was quick to respond, writing, "Hey, Upper Peninsula: we hear you, and we're sorry for misplacing you on our #DEWnited map. Give us a chance to right our wrong. Help us fill this special edition label by telling us all of the things you love about the Upper Peninsula (note to self: located in MICHIGAN)."

A spokesperson for Mountain Dew said it was too early to release details about what the special label might look like or where and when it will be distributed. But U.P. residents, known as Yoopers, were quick to share breathtaking photos and tourist tidbits about the U.P.


Mountain Dew also made news this summer for its new peach-and-honey-flavored Sweet Lightning flavor, a Southern-inspired pop that's now a permanent part of KFC menus. While awaiting the special U.P. label, diners can get in the right mindset with these dishes you'll only find in the Midwest.