KFC Introduces New Peach-and-Honey-Flavored Mountain Dew

‘Sweet Lightning’ is coming to KFC menus permanently
kfc mountain dew
Photo modified: Courtesy of KFC

Those who live más are well aware of the tropical lime-flavored Mountain Dew Baja Blast, a fizzy sensation quenching thirsts from Taco Bell drive-thrus across the land. This summer, the soda brand will partner with Taco Bell’s sister restaurant, KFC, to launch the second mainstay Mountain Dew flavor exclusive to a fast food joint.

Regional Sodas We Wish Were National

Starting July 1, the fried chicken chain will begin serving “Sweet Lightning” Mountain Dew, a peach-and-honey-flavored pop available in Colonel Sanders’ soda fountains nationwide. How does it stack up against the insanely successful Baja Blast? Mountain Dew’s new yellow-suited spokesperson — simply dubbed “Sweet” — dropped by The Daily Meal’s office to wet our whistles with the Southern-inspired drink.

After swishing a few sips, we unanimously agreed that we like Sweet Lightning, but it doesn’t taste much like classic Mountain Dew. The peach flavor is strong and sweet. The taste of honey is less apparent, though it showed up in the drink’s consistency. The mouthfeel is much thicker than regular Dew, and that’s fine by us. The drink is certainly something we’d enjoy at a summertime picnic with a basket full of fried chicken.

“It gave me a peach lemonade vibe,” one taste-tester said. “I thought it was good, especially for summer. Didn’t taste honey really, but I would have it again.”

“I liked it, but it’s not very Mountain Dew-y,” another said. “I oddly love canned peaches, so it kind of reminded me of the juice from that.”


In short, we think this new soda is nice. Try it for yourself any time on or after July 1 at KFC restaurants exclusively. Sweet Lightning would certainly complement the savory taste of the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices, or anything from the 75 best fried chicken places in America.