The Miracle Weight-Loss Tea: Oolong Is the One You Need to Know

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Oolong tea is the weight-loss secret you’ve been searching for — and it's good for you in other ways, too
Oolong Tea


Pass on the diet pills and sip on a cup of Oolong instead.

Every few years or so, a miracle tea hits the market that is praised for its ability to burn body fat and help you lose weight. Green tea has garnered plenty of attention for that. Oolong tea, however, has been consumed for its other benefits for centuries. It is a staple in the Chinese diet for not only weight loss, but other health-boosting benefits as well.

The Miracle Weight-Loss Tea: Oolong Is the One You Need to Know (Slideshow)

Oolong, which originated during the Tang Dynasty, was the first tea to be used as a tribute tea, which means it was selected by the Emperor as a gift to the royal court. It was lauded for its taste and health properties, which some called “near magical.”

Oolong tea has been linked to regulating body temperature, boosting metabolism, and providing energy. Since it is rich in polyphenols, though, oolong is also successful at blocking the production of fat in the body and increasing metabolic rate.

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Sound too good to be true? Well, believe it — and read on for all of the ways oolong tea can be your best beverage friend on the journey to health and weight-loss.