This Man Broke a Wine Glass Using Just His Voice, and We Are Forever Changed

Not exactly how we thought it would go

There are many ways to break a person: You can break their heart, you can break their bones, and you can break their spirit. We thought the only way to break a wine glass was by physically shattering it or singing a perfectly operatic high C — but it turns out a wine glass can have its spirit broken, too...

YouTuber Gus Johnson has done the next-to-impossible: Using only his voice, he was able to break a wine glass. No, he did not sing in a pitch only dogs can hear. He used his words and said some pretty awful things to this perfectly lovely wine glass, causing it to jump off the table and fall to the ground where it smashed into tons of tiny pieces.

“You stupid wine glass,” he begins terrorizing the inanimate object. “You’re so worthless! You’re so ugly! Look at you, you’re for cheap wine,” he seethes. The wine glass, somehow animated purely by hurt feelings, falls to the ground and breaks. Yes, we laughed. But yes, we were also amazed. Clearly others were too, the video has over 400,000 views. If you’re going to try this at home just make sure you’re not using this $4,000 wine glass and other crazy drinkware.

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