The $4,000 Wine Glass and Other Crazy Drinkware (Slideshow)

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again

Little Heart Wine Glass

When these wine glasses and their matching decanter are filled up with a nice cabernet sauvignon, they look like aortas pumping blood. Awesome or creepy? Both?

Swarovski-Covered Stella Chalice

Ok, unlike the Starbucks mugs, there’s something kind of spectacular about this Stella Chalice covered in Swarovski crystals. We love the shape of the Stella chalice anyway — and a crispy, delicious Stella — and a little bling does the chalice good.

Inside-Out Champagne Flutes

These glasses are much more reasonably priced,and are also way more interesting than diamond-embedded stems, in our opinion. Plus every purchase benefits MoMA, one of the cooler organizations around.

Skull Cups


You guys, people drank out of these skulls. Real human skulls. For fun. Terrifying, awesome, or both?

$38-Million Teacup

Oh, you thought the $4,000 wine glass was expensive? That thing is for paupers compared to this perfectly normal-looking $38-million teacup. Why so expensive? Well, the “chicken cup,” as it’s affectionately known, does date back to the Qing dynasty.

The $4,000 Wine Glass

Amazingly, the glass part of the glass is just… glass. That’s it. Hand-blown borosilicate glass — apparently, the borosilicate part means it’s more resistant to thermal (but not sticker) shock — but this wine vessel is not made of crystal, it’s a…glass glass. That said, there is a diamond embedded in the stem.

The Antioch Chalice

When you’re writing about impressive drinkware, it would be extremely remiss to forget the Holy Grail. Ok, this one probably isn’t the real thing, but when folks discovered it in the beginning of the twelfth century, they thought it might be. 

Fabergé Quartz Cup

We refuse to shut our mouths: this is how luxury should be done. Designed by Carl Fabergé, owned by Leopold de Rothschild, this piece of magnificence is made of smoky quartz, goldwork, diamonds, and intricately detailed enamel.