Low-Calorie Rosé Is Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

Rosé all day

Cense, aka the Halo Top of wine, has added a rosé to their lineup of low-calorie wines.

Much like Cense’s popular sauvignon blanc, their rosé is only 85 calories (that’s three Weight Watchers SmartPoints) per 5-ounce serving. As we previously reported, wine is the second most commonly tracked beverage on Weight Watchers, so this opens up a whole world of pink possibility for followers of the dieting program.

The Cense website describes their summery rosé as “crafted with sweet and fresh floral aromas, plus hints of strawberry, Bing cherry, and bright fruit.” The pink wine is sold online for $15 and in select supermarkets such as Kroger and Ralph’s for $12.99.

Unfortunately, Target does not sell Cense (yet), but they are launching Yes Way Rosé, the rosé-themed brand founded by fashion editor Erica Blumenthal and art director Nikki Huganir. Fans of Yes Way Rosé are familiar with their rosé-scented candles and quippy slogan-emblazoned tote bags, and now the brand is officially releasing a rosé wine of its own name to be sold exclusively in Target stores for $12.99 a bottle beginning March 4 nationwide.

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