Just Three Ingredients Can Make the Best Smoothie Ever

Yes, there are really only three ingredients
berry smoothie


If you’re crazy for berries, this smoothie features two of the tastiest around.

Everyone has a different excuse for why they aren’t living a healthy lifestyle. Some believe healthy eating take too much effort, therefore, they don’t have time to do it.

The American lifestyle is a busy one — there’s no doubt about it. That being said, there are always ways around these unhealthy excuses. You just have to look for a solution. Look no further, the answer is simple: a three-ingredient smoothie.

Take a moment and think about your two favorite fruits. Then, imagine a dairy or dairy alternative that would pair well with these fruits, such as almond milk or coconut water. Presto! You just created your very own, three-ingredient smoothie recipe (if you don’t include ice, of course).

If you’re not sure about what fruits would pair well together, we have a recipe suggestion that is healthy, tasty, and requires absolutely no prep: the Berry Grape smoothie.

Berries require no peeling or cutting, making them fabulous smoothie ingredients. To make this smoothie, all you need are grapes, blueberries, and coconut water. It’s really that easy, and it’s delicious.  Click here for the recipe, or take a look at our full round-up of three-ingredient smoothies. Happy blending!