How To Make A Martini

Unlike most cocktails, a traditional martini consists of only two ingredients: gin and vermouth. Yes, this is one of the simplest cocktails to make, but before you start channeling your inner mixologist, you should know there's still a right and wrong way to make it. Gin and vermouth are the only ingredients, but you need the proper tools as well. If you're not using these tools, you're doing it wrong.

Besides the two ingredients, here's everything else you'll need to make the perfect martini: ice, a shot glass, a shaker, a strainer, the garnish, and a martini glass.

The shaker is arguably one of the most important tools you need, but whether or not you shake it while crafting the cocktail has been debated for years. Some bartenders think that shaking the ingredients together will take away from the drink and "bruise" the gin.

This question is so common that if you order a martini at a bar, they'll ask you whether you want it "shaken or stirred." The decision is up to you.

A classic martini has two shots of gin and one shot of vermouth. Pour all of the ingredients into a mixing glass with the ice cubes, then strain it into your chilled martini glass. (You don't want to waste precious time making the perfect martini, only to pour it in the wrong glass.) Finally, garnish with whatever you desire, whether it be an olive, lemon twist, or cocktail onion. Your options are endless! 

The accompanyingslideshow is provided by special contributor, Haley Willard.