These Hotels Offer Their Own Signature Alcohol

Who doesn't love a good hotel bar — bellying up with people you'll never see again, backpackers squeezed between businessmen and pilots, the distance between stool and bed covered in under a minute? Hotel bars are classic, timeless, but many hotels and resorts have transcended them, offering not just plain old bars, but signature liquors. That bartender in the vest and bowtie is no longer just handing you a martini — she's handing you a martini made with gin you can't drink anywhere else. She's not just pouring your beer; she's pouring a beer brewed just feet from where you're sitting.

These Hotels Offer Their Own Signature Alcohol Gallery

As the travel industry becomes increasingly competitive, hotels and resorts are constantly upping their game, and that means tailoring their food and beverage programs to travelers who want unique experiences. Resorts are pulling out all the stops — letting guests do everything from learning about tequila with an in-resort tequila sommelier to taking a BMW out for a spin before heading back to the hotel for a whiskey nightcap.

"Today's traveler wants a more authentic experience," says Arleta Cosby of Cosby Travel Consultants. "That includes everything — accommodations, culinary offerings, activities. If resorts make their own liquors, they're providing guests with a more immersive experience, and often, helping them learn about the destinations they're visiting." Here are a few cool places to stay where you can imbibe the hotel's very own booze.