Forget the PSL, Here’s Why Pear Should Be a Coffee Flavor

Pears are just as good as pumpkins when it comes to coffee

Shutterstock/ Shulevskyy

What about a different PSL?

Once fall comes around, everyone goes crazy over the PSL. Ever since the Pumpkin Spice Latte became a thing, pumpkin has evolved into a fall trademark, resulting in nearly every product being offered in pumpkin spice options.

Considering Halloween is in October, we understand why pumpkins correlate with fall. We also aren’t knocking the pumpkin in general, for there are tons of great recipes you can make with it. What we’re wondering is, why is everyone neglecting the pear?

No, you can’t make a jack-o’-lantern out of a pear, but it’s still a fall fruit. In fact, there’s a plenty of tasty recipes you can make using a pear, which in our opinion, makes it just as desirable as a pumpkin.

Where’s the “pear syrup” at Starbucks? What about the PSL “number two”? (P meaning pear, of course.) If you’re not convinced that pears are just as good as pumpkins, taste is only the beginning.

First things first, forget the picking, cutting, and carving — pears are way easier to use than pumpkins. They’re smaller and softer, which means you can cook with them easily. They’re also unique in flavor, which gives them the ability to be combined with a number of things. Have you ever thought about preparing a pear and apple coffeecake? Or what about a pear smoothie? If there’s a recipe available for cakes and smoothies, there should be a pear latte.

The PSL is delicious, but it’s time Starbucks tried something a little different. Who’s with us?

The accompanying slideshow is provided by Emily Jacobs.