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Excellent Egg Cocktails Slideshow

Solage Calistoga

Sage Canyon Flip

According to Michael Pazdon, head bartender at Calistoga, Calif.’s Solbar, pears served as the initial inspiration for this stunning drink. From there, he says that he "selected white whiskey, which has a more delicate flavor and a nice maltiness to it, and then brought in sage which has a natural muskiness, and finally orgeat to bring everything together with its richness and floral notes."

Vault at Pfaff's

Subway Rumbles

This signature cocktail from The Vault at Pfaff’s in New York City finds harmony in an unusual combination: blended scotch and genever. Tart, easy drinking, and just a little frothy from the use of egg white, it’s one of those drinks you’re not going to want to put down.

Kate N.G. Sommers

Hair of the Lion

Created by bartender Adam Harness, this riff on the pre-Prohibition Hair of the Lion cocktail replaces whiskey with rum and adds egg white.

Ed Anderson

Pisco Sour

Both Peru and Chile claim this classic cocktail as their country’s national drink, and fans of the drink will tell you that it’s easy to understand why. In this variation, from cocktail book author Brad Thomas Parsons, bitters are applied to the frothy surface of the drink as an aromatic garnish.

China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Green Tea Sour

This Asian-inspired aromatic cocktail, from José Andrés’ China Poblano, located inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, blends green tea-infused whiskey with St-Germain and lemon juice.

Tim Turner

Pure Joy

This foamy cocktail from renowned mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim feature the exquisite fruit-spirit combination of gin and raspberry. Bright and refreshing from the inclusion of tart lemon sour, this drink makes for an ideal warm weather cooler.

Lara Ferroni

Absinthe and Old Lace

This riff on the classic Grasshopper cocktail, created by Jackson Cannon of Boston’s Eastern Standard, has a light, foamy top layer. Just be careful not to indulge in too many — you don’t want to add the Green Fairy to the list of imaginary friends you see this holiday.

Maryse Chevriere

Coconut Nog

Eggnog gets a tropical makeover in this unique variation featuring a combination of dark spiced rum with coconut cream and milk.

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