SimiValleyHomeBrew Mead Making Kit from Drink with Honey This Valentine's Day (Slideshow)

Drink with Honey This Valentine's Day (Slideshow)

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SimiValleyHomeBrew Mead Making Kit

This comprehensive kit includes one gallon of fresh California raw honey — the best stuff around for making your own mead.

Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply

Curt & Kathy's Blackberry Melomel Mead Kit

Want to get a little more daring in your mead brewing? Try mixing up a blackberry melomel mead

Heidrun Meidery Meads

Want the drink without all the work? Let Heidrun Meidery take it straight from "the flower to the flute" for you. 


The Bee Naughty

This cocktail is spicy and sweet — a perfect blend for Valentine's.


Bushmills' Irish Honey

This bottle of deliciousness blends beautifully with ginger ale, orange juice, fizzy lemonade...or on its own.


Honey Brown Lager

More of a beer person? Try a taste of Honey Brown


The Honeybadger

The honeybadger famously has few cares, and after a couple of these, you won't, either.


Beez in a Trap

A sweet, creamy cocktail inspired by Nicki Minaj.

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Drink with Honey This Valentine's Day (Slideshow)