Chicago's Slightly Toasted Announces Unlimited Coffee Membership

Jump-start your bottomless buzz with one of these membership plans

How much do you pay per month for your daily caffeine fix? With a morning cup and an afternoon pick-me-up, those dollar signs can quickly add up.

Slightly Toasted in the West Loop (22 N. Clinton St. 312-967-2830) has announced a monthly unlimited coffee membership, saving your wallet and your sanity.

Unlimited single-origin drip coffee costs $79 a month. $119 a month will get you unlimited drip coffee, espresso based beverages and nitro cold brew. The three-month plan for $198 will get you unlimited drip coffee at a lower monthly price than the $79 plan. Each plan has a $20 sign-up fee and comes with a reusable stainless steel mug.

Coffee Could Help Prevent Cognitive Decline

To find out how to sign up for the program and jump-start your bottomless buzz, head to the Chicago Tribune.