Celebrity Drinks: The Favorite Drinks Of 14 Famous New Yorkers

Celebrity Drink Pairings to Try

New York is home to some of the world's greatest artists, writers, leaders, and dreamers. The drinks they like to imbibe can be classic or as eccentric as their colorful personalities. Check out 14 famous New Yorkers and their drinks of choice below.

Humphrey Bogart: Scotch

Before he became a star on the silver screen, this New York native got his first big break performing on Broadway. When he wasn't on stage, Bogart was frequenting speakeasies like Tony Soma's and 21 Club. His drink of choice was Scotch — although he was known to court cocktails like the Black Velvet and martini. On his deathbed, he supposedly said, "I should never have switched from Scotch to martinis."

Ed Koch: Coconut Daiquiri

The beloved/reviled New York City mayor claimed his beverage of choice was the coconut daiquiri. Specifically, the ones concocted every Labor Day weekend by his friend and confidant David Margolis. The Margolis recipe called for fresh pineapple and lime, Coco Lopez cream of coconut, and Bacardi light rum.

Spike Lee: Absolut Brooklyn

The iconic filmmaker designed his own limited-edition bottle of vodka to represent the creativity and diversity of his borough. We're assuming he drinks it as much as he promotes it.

John D. Rockefeller: Martini

Legend has it that the very first martini was served to Rockefeller at the Knickerbocker hotel in 1912. The oil tycoon was so impressed with the bartender's creative cocktail that he spread the word of its discovery — and the drink's popularity exploded across high society. There are, however, more than a few suspicious aspects of the story: The martini is said to of existed before 1912, plus Rockefeller was a lifelong teetotaler; he supposedly never touched a drop of alcohol in his life.

Woody Allen: White Wine

Although the comedic mastermind behind countless cinema classics — most of them set in New York City — doesn't often indulge in drink, he does occasionally enjoy a glass of white wine.

Scarlett Johansson: Champagne

The actress was often seem with Moët & Chandon champagne after she became a spokesperson for the brand.

J.D. Salinger: Scotch and Soda

Born in Manhattan, this literary luminary had his first short story published in Story magazine at the tender age of 21. Salinger was said to drink whiskey; his favorite drink was almost certainly a Scotch and soda — Holden Caulfield's favorite in the American classic Catcher in the Rye.

Al Capone: Templeton Rye

Although he moved to Chicago in his early 20s, the notorious gangster got his start in New York City. Born and raised in Brooklyn, this bootlegger's favorite drink was said to be Templeton rye.

Jay-Z: White Burgundy

Wine businessman/rapper Jay-Z drinks Armand de Brignac ("Ace of Spades") champagne when he wants to make a flashy appearance, but the media mogul actually prefers white Burgundy wine when he's not out to impress.

Frank Sinatra: Chivas Regal

Famed singer and member of "The Rat Pack," Sinatra prefered blended scotch whiskeys, especially Chivas Regal.

Beyoncé: Red Wine

Originally from Houston, the massively successful singer-songwriter Beyoncé now lives in New York (hometown of her husband, Jay-Z). The star loves dry red wine. She has mentioned the Bordeaux wine Pétrus as a particular favorite.

Andy Warhol: Dom Pérignon

The pop artist was a frequent patron of Studio 54, where he could be found drinking Dom Pérignon. He once ran into members of the elusive "2,000 club" — a group of men who had purchased 2,000 bottles of the expensive bubbly and sealed it away in preparation for a massive New Year's Eve party on the night before the new millenium.  

Mel Brooks: Ballantine Ale

Legendary writer and director Mel Brooks did a series of radio ads with Dick Cavett for Ballantine in the 1960s. As of late, he's also has been spotted enjoying a bottle of red wine.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Gin Rickey

Now considered a giant of American Literature, Fitzgerald spent his early childhood in New York and as a young man worked for an advertising agency in the city. The Jazz Age author's favorite drink was the Gin Rickey.