Why Canned Wine Is The Best Way To Drink On A Weeknight

After-work drinking can be tricky. Like, you know you want something to sip on to relax after your long, onerous day in the office. But (if you're anything like me) you're underpaid and you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. You also don't want to get trashed.

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What you need is a drink that gets you to that sweet spot. You want to be buzzed, relaxed, and ready for bed — not pounding crab rangoon on your kitchen floor after drinking too many beers on an empty stomach.

You also want to factor in enjoyment. Sure, you could buy a cheap six-pack and drink beer with dinner. But who wants to wind down after a long day with a Bud Light or a Heineken? No, thank you. I'm not at a frat party. I want something I can sip and savor.

I've run into this dilemma a couple of times. Usually, on these evenings I end up just not drinking. Which is probably good for my heart or whatever — but I missed out on all the enjoyable and relaxing benefits of treating myself to a drink at home. Or chatting over drinks with my roommates. Or working up the nerve to text that guy I met last weekend. Thanks, alcohol!

But I don't want to open up a whole bottle of wine. And I don't want to overspend on better-tasting beer. I also don't have even an ounce of knowledge about crafting cocktails — so liquor is out of the question.

On one fortuitous evening, I discovered canned wine. Trendy, right?! It is — and for good reason. That can of wine was the absolute best weeknight drinking scenario I could have asked for.

Why? Three important reasons:

1. It's the perfect amount of booze. A can of wine limits you to two drinks. It contains two generous pours — just enough to prevent you from going for the third and finishing the whole bottle. It's also just enough to provide a decent buzz. I don't know about all of you, but one glass of wine usually leaves me wanting another. I can indulge my whims without waking up hungover. Perfecto.

2. It's pretty cheap. One can of wine can be anywhere from $4 to $10, depending on the brand. I got a decent can of rosé for $5.99. Even my measly writer's salary can handle that splurge. You're allowed to buy just one at a time — how great! If you and your friend prefer different types of wine, neither must compromise.

3. It's a low-risk way to try new wine. No wasting money on a bottle of wine you don't want after the first sip. Plus, while you might be less inclined to spend $25 on a whole bottle, you might taste a blend you never have before because you can pay half that and try a can. Some of my favorites so far are Underwood, House Wine, and Mancan. 

Like a good TV show with a strong female lead, no commercials, and a witty cast of friends, it truly checks all of my boxes. So next Thursday, you can bet I'll be curled up on my couch, can in hand, watching one of those episodes on my roommate's TV.

And don't worry too much about my heart health — wine's actually quite good for you!

Holly Van Hare is the Healthy Eating Editor at The Daily Meal. Her interests include petting other people's dogs, wellness, and reading good books. You can listen to her podcast Nut Butter Radio and follow her Instagram for more!